From our family to yours, Happy Father's Day

Posted by Heidi Rush on 17th Jun 2016

A little History for Father's Day, I introduce you to John Cooper, The Father of TLT Leather.

   I asked John how he produced business and he laughed saying “I know every pig trail in Texas. I traveled every highway from the Mexican border up through Oklahoma visiting every Mom & Pop boot shop I could find”. He had made friends with the Gavels for about 5-7 years in St. Louis, MO and knew they were successful. They had a business in Fort Worth, TX that needed leadership. They guaranteed John money if he would take the position. So, John, and his family, had moved in April of 1975, to the Eastside of Fort Worth.

     Greg, John’s son was in high school and John didn’t push him towards the business. However, Greg wanted to work here and every summer through college, he did. After college, Greg took over the sales and he and John traveled for the business. “We wanted to be fair in price & if we promised we delivered; we wanted to gain trust and be there for them”. John soon learned Greg was a lot smarter than he thought he was. John learned to not micro manage Greg as he grew with the company; and John said “I was a slow learner in that area”.

    Now, Greg is the president and John is retired but comes in every day to read the paper, play solitaire and go check the PO Box at 10 am sharp.