Designer Series Swatches 2020

Posted by H. Rush on 28th Jul 2020

These are the Designer Series swatches that are in our current line for Carpet Binding. The majority of these hides are upholstery hides so they are around 50 sqft each. If you need a swatch of a s … read more

Piping & Welt 2020 Pricing

Posted by H. Rush on 4th Oct 2018

Pricing for Piping & Welt 2020This is our standard sizing of what we do but we can do so much more. If you have a question or need a specific size, just ask we will be happy to assist and hop … read more

Carpet Binding 2018 Pricing

9th Aug 2018

PLAIN EDGE CARPET BINDING 2018 Width Price Per Linear Yard Standard Series Price Per Linear Yard Designer's Series** Price Per Linear Yard Customer's Leather … read more

Piping & Welt 2016

Posted by H. Rush on 17th Oct 2016

Pricing 2016Piping/Top Beading3/8" Leather$38.00 per 50 yds. (.76 yd)3/8" Urethane$17.00 per 50 yds. (.34 yd)Side Seam Welting7/32" Leather$33.00 per 50 yds. (.66 yd)1/4" Leather$35.00 per 50 … read more

From our family to yours, Happy Father's Day

Posted by H. Rush on 17th Jun 2016

A little History for Father's Day, I introduce you to John Cooper, The Father of TLT Leather.   I asked John how he produced business and he laughed saying “I know every pig trail in T … read more