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Piping & Welt 2018 Pricing

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Pricing for Piping & Welt 2018

This is our standard sizing of what we do but we can do so much more. If you have a question or need a specific size, just ask we will be happy to assist and hopefully meet your needs.

Piping/Top Beading
3/8" Leather $38.00 per 50 yds. (.76 yd)
3/8" Urethane $17.00 per 50 yds. (.34 yd)

Side Seam Welting
7/32" Leather $33.00 per 50 yds. (.66 yd)
1/4" Leather $35.00 per 50 yds. (.70 yd)
5/16" Leather $38.00 per 50 yds. (.76 yd)
1/4" Vinyl $12.00 per 50 yds. (.24 yd)
5/16" Vinyl $14.00 per 50 yds. (.28 yd)

Box Toe Material
1.2 mm Formosol $30.00 Sheet
2.0 mm Formosol $30.00 Sheet
Cut & Skived Toes $48.00 per 100 pr.

Leather Lace
3/32" $35.00 per 100 yds.
4/32" $36.00 per 100 yds.
5/32" $37.00 per 100 yds.
6/32" $38.00 per 100 yds.
1/4" $41.00 per 100 yds.

Customer Supplied Material
3/8" Piping $32.00 per 100 yds.
1/4" Welt $30.00 per 100 yds.
5/16" Welt $30.00 per 100 yds.
Lace $22.00 per 100 yds.

Leather Colors Available: Can be purchased by the side for $3.50 ft., 20 ft. average.
Black Brown Bone Burgundy Choc Cork Cream
Grey White Smoke Husk Suntan Benedictine Taffytone
Purple Red Pink Sunrise Orange Navy Green
SeaFoam Turquoise

Carpet Binding 2018 Pricing

PLAIN EDGE CARPET BINDING 2018 Width Price Per Linear Yard Standard Series Price Per Linear Yard Designer's Series** Price Per Linear Yard Customer's Leather Minimum Order Amount 2" $4.50 $7.25 [...]

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Designer Series leather for Carpet Binding

Here is our current line of Designer leather swatches for carpet binders.

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Leather options for finished goods

Below is our current line of leather swatches for our finished leather goods. We have added 2 other colors and those are currently only in the Mason Jar cover and the Stacked coaster. The Hair on Hide is subject to change from picture shown as not all cows are the same-MOOO.If you are looking for the leather options [...]

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Piping & Welt 2016

Pricing 2016Piping/Top Beading3/8" Leather$38.00 per 50 yds. (.76 yd)3/8" Urethane$17.00 per 50 yds. (.34 yd)Side Seam Welting7/32" Leather$33.00 per 50 yds. (.66 yd)1/4" Leather$35.00 per 50 yds. (.70 yd)5/16" Leather$38.00 per 50 yds. (.76 yd)1/4" Vinyl$12.00 per 50 yds. (.24 yd)5/16" [...]

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From our family to yours, Happy Father's Day

A little History for Father's Day, I introduce you to John Cooper, The Father of TLT Leather.   I asked John how he produced business and he laughed saying “I know every pig trail in Texas. I traveled every highway from the Mexican border up through Oklahoma visiting every Mom & Pop boot shop I could find”. He had made friends [...]

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Standard Series Leather

This is our 2018 Standard Series leathers. These leathers are used for piping and side welt; mainly on boots or shoes and also used for Carpet Binding.

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Hanging Wall Calendar

Leather Calendars!Our Leather Calendars can be personalized with anything like a bible verse, your families last name or your favorite movie line. We have multiple pictures to choose from or you can send us your own art and we can screen print it onto the calendar (e-mail us for a quote customercare@tltleather.com). You can even choose what color ink [...]

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Laser Engraving

We have been getting many requests for laser engraving on products that are not TLT's. Well here is what we can do......If you have a leather piece that is made elsewhere but would like it laser engraved we might or might not be able to help you. You see; TLT Leather hand makes all of [...]

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Piping & Welt

Here is our price list for the Piping and Side welt we make and a list of the colors. Let us know if you have any questions or give us a call with your order.Piping/Top Beading3/8" leather$74.00 per 100 yards (50 yd min)3/8" urethane$32.00 per 100 yards (50 yd min)3/8" [...]

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